Monday, March 30, 2009

At the Tower of London (looking at the outside walls and the area that used to be the moat surrounding the castle)

This is the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel on the edge of the Thames River. Each pod can hold up to 27 people and the ride takes 30 minutes to go around once. Great opportunity to take aerial photos (some people even get married on the London Eye)

...a classic. The Red Telephone Booths. We really did use these to call home.

Great shot of the Underground where we rode the train each day to go different places.....remember to "Mind the Gap".

Seeing the Phantom of the Opera in the Queens Theatre in London was an extremely thrilling experience (the lights, the costumes, the music, the magical stage and interchanging sets.... I was blown away by it all.)

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Tiffany said...

My favorite of all these is the one of you in the phone booth!!! LOVE IT!!