Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Creative Hands at Work in the Studio

Some of you have asked recently what's been going on in the art studio.

Today I will share a few favorite photos from some of my recent classes so you may see for yourself, enjoy!

Classes each week this Fall!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Fire Pit / Coffee Table DIY

Our most recent project with reclaimed wood.....

Once again we used boards from old fences to do this project.

I would estimate with me, my husband and my father-in-law working together it only took about an hour and a half to complete.

The concept was fairly simple.
Using our metal fire pit as the base, we created a coffee table top that would fit down over it like a lid which is secure from slipping off but still removable when we want to use the fire pit.

First we chose the 13 boards we would use and laid them out flat on the ground.

We placed the fire pit upside down in the center of the boards to take some measurements.

Two long boards were nailed down against the fire pit on either side to hold all 13 boards together (not too tight up next to the sides, need a 1/4"-1/2" space on each side for wiggle room) .

Then an interior board was measured to be nailed down to the center pieces. This board sits down inside the fire pit when the table top is put on. Helps it keep from sliding around.

Additional small pieces were measured, cut, and nailed along the outside rim of where the fire pit would fit under the table top....again to keep the top from sliding around as well as to better secure all boards together for structural integrity.

To make the circle cut. I took a thumbtack and a length of thin rope. I found my center point and attached it. Then using a sharpie marker tied at the other end of the rope measuring half of the diameter of my desired circle I carefully held the marker upright and drew a circle all the way around to mark our cutting line.

The circle was cut with a jigsaw and then the edges were sanded with a rotary sander.

The top of the table was left raw (no sanding, no stain, no sealer...rustic)

As a final touch. I stapled decorative silver metal edging all the way around.
*Several varieties of this "metal ribbon" can be found at local hobby and craft stores. Very easy to bend and work with , comes in rolls, and cuts with scissors. 

Just as a safety measure I hammered down the top edge of this metal ribbon into the table top making sure it was flush all the way around without sharp edges sticking up. -still have to be careful lifting from underneath though just to be safe.

Thanks to my hubs and my pops! Projects are always fun when you guys are around and we can play with power tools!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Is Summer 2016 Really Already Over!

This was the summer when I was finally able to open the doors of my Art Studio and teach classes, host parties, do workshops and camps. It was a summer of creative blessings and hopefully the beginning of many more such things.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You were part of making one of my long time dreams come true. I hope you will come back and make art with me again and invite your friends too!

Here are just a small few pictures that illustrate the fun we had: painting with acrylics, building stuff, drawing, making collages, doing printmaking, working with watercolors, creating assemblages, illustrating, sketching, using imagination, letting loose with abstraction, and letting our creative sides shine!

Fall Semester Classes will begin in September!

Yikes! That's coming up QUICK!

E-mail jackiepattonart@gmail.com if you are interested in taking a class or if you have children who would like to learn more about painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, printmaking and more.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Marbling Light Sensitive Photo Paper

I've done a few projects over the years using rubbing alcohol and markers (including the wildly fun and popular tie dyed t-shirts). So I decided to experiment again on some special event invitations.
Using some old photo paper (like really old....from when I developed film in a dark room in college. Back in the day as my kids would say, lol.)

I colored, well scribbled actually, with colorful permanent markers all over the photo paper. 
Then I immediately dipped a dropper into 90% isopropyl alcohol and dripped it on the photo paper blowing on it and letting it swirl the colors all over. 
Then I let it dry. 
First the background took on a blue hue. 
But by the next day it was a bit more vintage brown paper bag coloration. Not dark though, the colors are still vibrant as you can see. 
On some of the papers I splattered a little glitter white acrylic paint to give some extra texture. 

Then I cut each page in half on my cutting board. 

I printed a scripture word art that I made in Adobe Illustrator on transparency sheets using a regular printer. I cut those out to layer on top of the photo paper. 

I used a simple hole punch and various ribbons and jute to attach them together. 
 Then I made envelope pouches out of tracing paper to slip them into. *love my glue pen for this!
 I included a second piece of paper with the invitation details for the special event and hand delivered them. 

Have you used old photo paper in interesting ways to make a craft or artwork? I would love to see and hear about your projects. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Giving piles of fence pickets a new purpose

Thorougy enjoyed working all day Saturday with my best friend turning a trailer load of old fence pickets into a feature wall for the sanctuary of our church. 

Some super cool friends joined the construction fun with us and together we finished the whole wall in one day. 
It's all random, overlapping, mixed weathered wood....only thing we did was take nails out and cut to various lengths. 
Jenna and I rocked the nail guns! And as my friend Lynn mentioned....Jeremy, Josh and Ryan were pretty good MANual labor too, lol. 

And the kids thought it was a pretty great play date getting to run wild and play as loud as they wanted at church all day.

I absolutely love that all that wood was completely FREE and with just a bit of hard work and imagination it has transformed the stage area in our little church. 

I think we will do a few more projects like this!