Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Girl Room

Our little girl just got her room upgraded to a "big girl" room. With a little sister on the way and lots of changes going on we decided it was a good time to put Carley's convertable crib to use once again and convert it to it's last stage - a full size bed. So we spent a couple of weeks mattress shopping. We wound up going with a great one from Sleep Experts (where we got ours). The really do have great mattresses, and the best deals.

Anyway, as it turned out Jeremy was going to work on converting her room this past weekend while I was at my Art Teacher's Conference but on Thursday I got home early from Dallas and my friend and co-worker, Melissa helped me rearrange her furniture and set up the bed all before Carley came home from spending the afternoon at grandmas. Thanks Melissa! It turned out awesome and Carley and Jeremy were very surprised when they saw it. Carley couldn't stop saying how thankful she was. My mom got on to me a little for moving furniture, but I promise I didn't overdo it.

Here is her adorable room before.... with her crib as a daybed.

and the couch we would sit on to read books before bedtime.... (which will probably get a new slipcover and be used in baby sister's room).

After some serious re-arranging.... here is the new Big Girl Room (complete with Vera Wang bedding - yeah, I know it's a little over the top but it was on sale, and you have no idea how hard it was to find bedding that had the right color, for real.)

It's been really comfey sitting in Carley's bed at night to read stories together. There's still a couple more things I want to do in there but I think it looks great.
Ahhh, our first born baby is getting so grown up.


Tiffany said...

It looks great! You have such great style!

The Brownd's said...

Her room is precious! Way to go...and I LOVE the Vera Wang bedding! It is so worth it! :) Hope you are feeling great!