Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun With Fabrics

Over the past couple of weeks my Art Studio has become my Sewing Room.

I've felt like a kid in a candy store getting to play with all my pretty fabrics, ribbons, and buttons.

I open my blinds during the day and let the sunlight shine in while I work. Just outside my window is a lovely view of my front flower bed where we recently set up a water fountain and I can see some of my flowers beginning to bloom. Maybe I'll take Zoe for a walk this morning ...

Across the room you can see my sewing machine with a work in progress under its needle anxiously waiting to be all stitched up.

Here is a project I'm especially proud of. Jeremy and I are re-using the carseat Carley had but we updated it with a slipcover from Target online. However, it did not come with a hood cover to match so my mom helped me and we figured out how to use a coordinating fabric to cover over the old hood ourselves. Thanks mom! Not bad for an afternoon's work.

What would spring be without gorgeous flowers!

I turned these lovely blooms into hairclips for my little divas, and it was a no-sew simple project!

These itty bitty shoes are the most unique things I've sewn and I love them. I'm kinda wondering if any of the upscale little botique shops around here might be interested in having a few of them to sell with their fancy little girl outfits and accessories..... hmmm, maybe a few in zebra, leopard, hot pink.....

This next one is the first dress I made for Zoe. Unfortunately I made my pattern a little too small.

She wore it one time and I don't think she will get to wear it again. I'll just have to make the pattern bigger and do another one. No biggie. Good thing I got extra of this fabric since I thought it was such a great print. :)

Big sister Carley also got a matching dress. These are called pillowcase dresses that tie with ribbon on the shoulders.

After Carley tried hers on I realized that it also needed some adjustments, so I got creative and took the ribbon out and made straps with big buttons on the front. I think it gives it a more clean and finished look and it fits her better.

Here's a close-up. Who knew using a button hole foot on a sewing machine could be so entertaining. ;)

And for the finale, this is a coordinating top and capri pants set that I made Carley.

And here's my precious little model trying on her new outfit. Yay! Summer clothes made by mom!
Wow, that really brings back memories.
Thank you again mom for all the times you did stuff like this for us. Because of you Jodi and I are now passing on homemade treasures to our girls just the way you did for us and your mom did for you.


Stacie said...

My goodness. You have more talent in your pinkie than I could ever dream of. Your girls are so blessed!

Tiffany said...

I agree. Your talent just keeps going and going! I love the shoes and the dresses and Carly's summer outfit! Utterly adorable!!

melissastumbo said...

Love all the cute stuff you are making... you need to teach me how!