Monday, May 9, 2011

Upscale Design on a Dime

A while back I was out shopping with family and I came across a gorgeous flowing sheer top on a manequin in an upscale department store. It was that instantaneous love at first sight feeling you get when you see something you just know would surely look as great on you as it does on display. And then I saw the price tag and my heart sank even lower than my jaw dropped. I couldn't spend $169 on one shirt.
But..... I bet I could make one like it.
The crafty wheels started spinning.

I searched through old sewing patterns and found one I could modify to make almost the same kind of shirt I saw in the store. I also came across the perfect fabric at JoAnn's when getting some other supplies (oh, and I used a coupon too)

So I set up my workspace and began sketching, pinning, cutting, and sewing.
 After a couple of hours my labor of love was complete and I was so excited to try it on.

 Here's the final product, dressed up wth a wide belt.

 I sewed a matching button closure on the back.
And there you have it..... upscale design on a dime. Gotta love that.