Thursday, July 14, 2011

Me and My Camera + Their Family and a 67' Chevy =

A Really Fun Photo Shoot

  I had the best time taking family portraits for this sweet couple and their adorable little boys.

  LOVE the cute expressions!

Technical stuff:
I took advantage of some of my Nikon's awesome features including Active D Lighting and Continuous Burst Shooting. The photo shoot lasted just over an hour and we visited 3 different locations: a fort, an old train station, and a country road lined with trees. I took 918 photos! (yes, even I was surprised that there were so many) I narrowed it down to about 500 and did some special editing to about 15-20 of them before saving it all to a CD for the family.
They said they loved the pictures.
And that made me happy.

This truck made me feel so nostalgic... thinking of simpler times and lovely slower paced days.  

Kinda made me wish I had a classic old truck or car of my own to drive around in......along with a dreamy historic two story home in the country with a wrap around porch and a second floor art studio overlooking a little garden.

ahhhhh...... a girl can dream.


Tiffany said...

Great minds think alike. That's what I do too. Take TONS of pictures, then narrow them down to 700 MB or less with edits, and save to CD. I hope you're having as much fun with it as I am!! Love you!!

Tiffany said...

And by the've obviously been watching The Notebook too much. ;) A girl can DEFINITELY dream!