Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Signs that do Double Duty

Anybody have one of these kind of signs in your home?
If so, I have a clever idea to share with you.

 You can find decorative signs like this just about anywhere and if you display it on a stand like I do instead of hanging it on a wall then you might like to do this little craft and let your sign do double duty during the holidays.
 Using scrapbook paper, scissors, Mod Podge, and a little paint and glitter I transformed the back side of this sign into something new. First I measured and cut the paper to fit and covered the back side of my sign gluing and sealing with Mod Podge. Then I distressed the edges with a little black and brown paint using a dry brush and added a little red glitter all around each side.
 Note: I covered the holes on the back of my sign with masking tape, you could also fill them in with wood putty, glue or polymer clay if you don't plan to ever hang the sign. Mine sits on a decorative plate stand so I can just turn it around to display either side.
 Here it is on the stand above my kitchen cabinets. Right now it has fall leaves all around it, but it will also work with my Christmas garland. Then after the holidays I can turn it back around the other way.
I'm not real fond of my own handwriting on signs like this so maybe next time I'll use stencils, but I still am pretty happy with the results.

What would you do with your sign? I would love to see pictures if you try this project.

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