Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Projects Revealed - Part 1

Since all the presents have now been opened I can reveal some of the Christmas Projects I worked on this year.

The first I'll share with you all is a "themed gift" that I really enjoyed putting together for my husband's cousin. Since she loves books and we are both on Pinterest I used ideas from her Pinterest boards to create an all hand made book themed gift.

First I experimented with an old book, I tried a few different things before deciding to take it apart.
I rolled the inside pages tightly and secured with a strong rubber band and then wrapped it with a piece of vintage ribbon and embellished with paper flowers and a jeweled centerpiece. It didn't look complete, so I went out to the garage and grabbed my (ok, my husbands ;->) Dremmel tool. I found a tip with a tapered point and went to work carving the word "Read" into the tightly rolled pages.
With the book cover I lined the inside with a beautiful fabric and made her a stationery set with cards, envelopes and a pen. simply secured with elastic.

The next item in the collection was a glass ornament. I cut tiny strips of paper from an old dictionary that had the definitions for terms like: library, textbook, poetry, reader, writer, etc. I curled the strips and put them inside and finished it off with a simple bow.
With the same dictionary pages I cut out a small section about reading and decoupaged it to the back side of a square glass charm and added a turquoise camio to the front.
Next it was time to create a whimsical paper weight from a smooth rock. I painted a cute little owl and finished it off with a clear acrylic top coat.
Finally, I added in a ribbon bookmark to the gift set. It was very simply embellished with a pearl bead on one end and a tiny picture frame on the other.

So there you have it, a book themed gift set inspired by the collection of vast and  wonderful ideas on Pinterest. I hope the recipient enjoys it!

And maybe you will be inspired to create your own themed gift for someone special in your life....hmmm, any occasions coming up soon?

....yes, maybe for Valentines Day

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Leah said...

I love all the gifts! I took the book to work and got so many compliments! You gave me such a great and thoughtful gift! Thank you so much!

Love ya,