Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Perfect Green Field

Today I talked my husband into going on a scavenger hunt...... for the perfect green field. 

With our newly acquired antique couch loaded in the back of the truck we headed out driving down some back country roads to find a beautiful green field away from busy traffic.

We found one.

Our little helpers scurried around while we set the couch on wooden blocks at the edge of the field.
They picked up sticks and rocks and got their feet completely covered in mud, uh oh.

The couch looked great surrounded by the lush flowing green of the field under the perfect overcast sky....... until.... Zoe came running to see mommy and bounded up onto the couch, muddy feet and all!!!
Oh, well.... the shoot must go on.
I'll clean that at home. In the mean time let's have the girls play in the back of daddy's truck.
Just gotta get myself organized here.
No babe, I'm not ready for you to start clicking photos yet.
 Was there a breeze when we got here, cause it won't stop blowing my hair in my face right now.
Ok, ok..... I think we got one that will work. Yay!
Now the other fifty or so photos of me making stupid faces and pushing my hair out of my face can be filed away in a folder (or deleted).

Thanks to my hubby and my kiddos for making this photo shoot a total laugh about it later adventure.
"There is perfection to be found in our imperfect moments."

This is the edited shot for my blog:

And here's one final shot just for fun. ;)

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Jennifer said...

You are so beautiful and creative, I love it!