Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Inspired Work of Art

The weather here has been so incredibly inspiring. Cool, crisp mornings that gradually become warm and sunny afternoons. The kind of days that make you yearn to be outside breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature.

And following all of the spring cleaning we did this past weekend I felt the urge to leave my usual studio space and take my new easel, canvases and brushes to a space where I could work with the walls literally opened up to the outdoors.... our garage!

(Side Note: I am so grateful to my husband's sweet Aunt Marsha for sharing these treasures with me. Her mother Betty, was a talented artist, but is no longer able to paint. And on a recent visit I was offered the great privilege of aquiring many of her treasured art supplies for my own projects. Thank you Marsha and thank you Betty.)

With my husband off to work and my oldest daughter off to school, I put my paint clothes on, filled my coffee mug and went to set up my easel. When my little one woke up I dressed her in play clothes headed to the garage with her sippy cup and cheerios and turned on the music.

We danced to the sounds of our favorite 80's music and contemporary christian songs, enjoyed the fresh air and let the creative juices flow.

Our precious little old dog Abby, thoroughly enjoyed the experience too. She may be completely blind and almost deaf but she can certainly still enjoy lounging in the green grass and soaking up the sunshine.

Believe it or not, I actually began priming my canvas today with every intention of creating a realistic serene looking landscape scene. However, once I let it all go and abandoned the idea of pre-determining the outcome things changed a bit. ;)

I let my feelings guide my color choices, the music inspire my brush strokes and let the artwork take me where it wanted to go.

My little one says it's either bubbles or lolly pops and that makes me happy. My girls love both of those things and when I look at this painting I smile and think of them. I think of their joyful childhood abandon, their love, thier complete trust and lack of worry, their laughter. It makes me happy.

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Jennifer said...

So pretty! I love the colors!