Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Back at Christmas Photo Shoots 2012

I am excited to share a few favorite pics with you from some of the photo shoots I've had the pleasure of being a part of over the past month or so.

*Please forgive the photo sizes and quality....there were quite a few and all such high resolution that I decided to put them into collage format to make them easier to upload for quick display.

I love the tangled tree branches as a photo prop in this first picture: a family portrait of grandparents, children, and grandchildren all together for the holidays.

The second row of pictures shows some fun shots of adorable cousins in their santa hats.

The third row is a gorgeous the one where their little boy is up on daddy's shoulders holding mistletoe while they kiss.

The lovely photo above is of some of our best friends. We did a little "photo sharing" session one afternoon so that we could all go at the same time and take eachother's pictures for Christmas cards. It was hilarious, but we did wind up with some great pictures that we will always treasure. Love all these guys!

The pictures below are my sweet family. I think my absolute favorite is of my two girls on the couch together..... the expressions on their faces are priceless!

The last two group shots here are from one of our family gatherings during Christmas break. We had aunts and uncles and cousins from all over come together and share a special day together. We almost had everybody on that side of the family... only missing two who couldn't make it. Hopefully at our next gathering we will have every member for a total of 31! Wow!

I'm so thankful for all of the amazing people that God has allowed me to share part of my life with.

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