Saturday, May 23, 2015

Living Museum

3rd Grade End of Year Project: students chose an influential person to research and "be" for a day.

This "Living Museum" was set up in the cafeteria/auditorium of the elementary school where parents and students could walk through and push a button (press a dot drawn on in marker) on a famous person's hand and hear a little one minute synopsis of said historical figure.

The costumes, props, and memorized speeches were pretty interesting and it was an enjoyable, educational event.

My little one wanted to be a famous female artist.
So we researched.
She liked the images of Sonia Delaunay's artwork.
So that is who she picked.

I decided to make her a costume (since our artist did textile design).
We picked one of the artist's patterns and I used two pillow cases to create a simple double layered skirt with an elastic waistband. I painted the pattern with acrylic paints.
 *FYI my little secret: these were actually the fabric left over from some standard pillows that I cut open a couple months use the stuffing to create outdoor pillows for my patio because I would rather not buy expensive pillow forms.

I trimmed the bottom before it was hemmed (thanks mom for jumping in and helping with sewing!)

The second longer layer of the skirt has a different set of textile will see those in a bit.

Then we picked an artwork by Sonia Delaunay that we thought was cool and we created one of our own that mimicked her style but was not a replication. Carley helped....a little. ;-)

Finally, we made a poster with printouts of some photos of Sonia and her paintings, costume designs, textile patterns, clothing, etc. that influenced 20th Century Cosmopolitan culture.

Now, for the presentation.....

little sis wanted to be her "helper" and hold the poster

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