Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pop Star Mystery Dinner Party & Concert

If you ever want to throw a party that will be highly anticipated, thoroughly enjoyed, and raved about long after it is over then I totally recommend doing one of these! 
It was part mystery, part dinner party, part crazy theatrics and games, part rock concert, and all kinds of  outrageous FUN!

My husband and I have participated in Murder Mystery Dinner Parties before and thought they were pretty cool so when my sister told me that she had seen some kits online for kids themed mystery parties I knew that's what I wanted to give my oldest daughter for her 10th birthday. 

I found this Pop Star Theme Mystery Party Kit on dramaticfanatic.com a couple of months ahead of time and started planning. They give you the directions, characters, the story line, scripts, and games to play so the whole event flows easily. Then you can add in any extra activities, plan a special menu for dinner, get creative with decorations and plan special prizes for the kids that participate. 

We set up our dining room as the main event area, had a check in table at the front door with V.I.P passes for all the pop star entourage as they arrived, and made a stage on our back patio for the "glow in the dark" dance party/concert with strobe lights and glow stick madness!

Here is the wild and crazy cast of characters........
Pinky - the makeup artist.   Cha Cha - the costume designer.   Tiny - the tiger trainer. 
Muffy - the manager.   Destiny - the Pop Star.   Lulu - the personal assistant.
"D" - the drummer.   Margo - the hair stylist.   Iris - the backup singer.
....and the misfits: (aka: grownups) 
Darla - the former rocker turned detective.   Gumdrop - the guitarist.   Peanut - the personal chef. 

The kit is great because there are additional characters if you invite more people and you can improvise as you need to for different characters ....like we did with some grown ups playing parts. 

Kids receive their character information and description with their party invite so they can plan a costume and "get into character" before the big night.

The script was fun and the kids enjoyed trying to solve the mystery. 

We also had impromptu dance party break out sessions, and they got to work in teams to make silly videos for one of the activities. 

****Just be ware of mixing Mountain Dew and a few too many sweets with already excited pre-teens. Whoa!!! Gives a whole new meaning to "bouncing off the walls". 
Just kidding (kinda). 
They were really a great group of kids and I'd do it all again. 
Hard to see but the dance party with the colorful strobe lights and glow sticks was pretty cool.
And there were prizes for everyone. Best costume, most dramatic, super sleuth.....and so on. 

What a fun night! 

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Tiffany said...

Omg! I love it! Happy birthday Carley!