Monday, January 4, 2016

In our Holiday Spare Time....

I love giving these updates on the studio progress! Wahoo!!!

It's been a long challenging road but we are getting so close to the "move in" date I'm really feeling antsy and excited!

Would have posted sooner but man, at the end of the day we were often so exhausted I didn't feel like blogging or posting about anything at all. And on days that we did have free time it was all about quality time with the kiddos, cuddled up on the couch with popcorn and a book or good movie to watch and enjoying our little bubble while we could.

Now the year has come to a close and an exciting brand new year has begun!
Time to take a moment to reflect, remember, and move forward.

I can't wait for all that 2016 has in store.

So now for the pictures. Here's what we did during the holidays.

In the week before school got out I worked on finishing all mudding and taping, touch ups, sanding, and covering windows and doors, lights and outlets with plastic. Then in the evenings we loaded up the texture sprayer and we textured the ceiling and all of the walls. We began as total amateurs and by the time we were finished we were totally and completely still amateurs, lol. But I think we did a pretty good job. We have a great new respect for people who do sheet rock and texuring for a living.

Then during the break we painted. Everything. Two coats. White. No fancy paint colors, just Behr #52 white semi-gloss....2 of the 5 gallon buckets.
I love that we had some nice weather so we could open up all the doors and windows.
That exposed board you see on the loft area....that is where we will add a beam going across the front with a long iron pipe that my antique wooden ladder will hook onto (not the metal ladder in the picture). The ladder will be on casters so it will slide back and forth across the room and I can store canvasses up on the loft with easy access. And it will look really cool.

This guy is what I used to scrape every inch of my concrete floor after we were all done.
  we used drop cloths for painting, but we hadn't during texturing, so it was speckled and very dirty
My mom helped me and together I bet we mopped the floor with hot water at least two dozen times to get it cleaned up! Thanks mom!

Oh, and see that fan way up there. Well, the first time it was installed we had scaffolding. But when it had to be put back up after painting was finished...oh boy, that was terrifying! I have never gripped a ladder harder, held my breath longer, or had my heart stick in my chest the way it did when I had to hold on to that old wobbly metal ladder while my insane husband climbed to the tippy top with that fan held above his head to put it back up. I just kept praying he would have good balance and I would stay calm because I was freaking out on the inside about how stupid it was that I agreed to hold the ladder and let him climb up there in the first place. Who needs a fan anyway. I just wanted him to come down safely so we could go ring in the new year at home and not in an ER somewhere. Thankfully, prayers were answered and all was well. And I have a healthy husband and a working fan, so it's all good.

Opening everything up to let the sunshine and fresh air in.

This is my fancy heating and AC unit. It has a remote control with lots of buttons. I have no idea what they all do so I guess I better find the manual and figure it out.

Here is a mirror that Jeremy's parents took out of their new house. They gave it to us and now we just need to hang it in the bathroom....I think it may cover the entire wall on one side. This thing is huge!

The wrap around deck is another thing that is going to be huge! And I love it. We can take our sketchbooks or our easels outside and draw or paint on nice days. And at night the stars out here are breathtaking. The finished deck will have a railing and stairs that lead down one side into the yard.
Our big helper was assisting with making a plumb line and taking measurements. I think Jeremy caught me taking their picture cause he's making a face at me, lol.

Little helper likes climbing through the support boards.

I'm sure our neighbors will be almost as thrilled as we are when all these piles of wood are used up and this project is done!

This is a view that gives a better idea of the size of the deck. The stairs will come out from the little landing that you see up front. We actually have several boards laid at this point but I haven't taken another picture yet.

And there you have it. We keep pushing forward. And the dream is being made real.

Blessings to you all.
 Happy New Year!

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