Monday, September 26, 2016

Fire Pit / Coffee Table DIY

Our most recent project with reclaimed wood.....

Once again we used boards from old fences to do this project.

I would estimate with me, my husband and my father-in-law working together it only took about an hour and a half to complete.

The concept was fairly simple.
Using our metal fire pit as the base, we created a coffee table top that would fit down over it like a lid which is secure from slipping off but still removable when we want to use the fire pit.

First we chose the 13 boards we would use and laid them out flat on the ground.

We placed the fire pit upside down in the center of the boards to take some measurements.

Two long boards were nailed down against the fire pit on either side to hold all 13 boards together (not too tight up next to the sides, need a 1/4"-1/2" space on each side for wiggle room) .

Then an interior board was measured to be nailed down to the center pieces. This board sits down inside the fire pit when the table top is put on. Helps it keep from sliding around.

Additional small pieces were measured, cut, and nailed along the outside rim of where the fire pit would fit under the table top....again to keep the top from sliding around as well as to better secure all boards together for structural integrity.

To make the circle cut. I took a thumbtack and a length of thin rope. I found my center point and attached it. Then using a sharpie marker tied at the other end of the rope measuring half of the diameter of my desired circle I carefully held the marker upright and drew a circle all the way around to mark our cutting line.

The circle was cut with a jigsaw and then the edges were sanded with a rotary sander.

The top of the table was left raw (no sanding, no stain, no sealer...rustic)

As a final touch. I stapled decorative silver metal edging all the way around.
*Several varieties of this "metal ribbon" can be found at local hobby and craft stores. Very easy to bend and work with , comes in rolls, and cuts with scissors. 

Just as a safety measure I hammered down the top edge of this metal ribbon into the table top making sure it was flush all the way around without sharp edges sticking up. -still have to be careful lifting from underneath though just to be safe.

Thanks to my hubs and my pops! Projects are always fun when you guys are around and we can play with power tools!

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