Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Boxer Project

Here is a peek at something I've been working on a little while now for a friend.

My friend had purchased a statue of a boxer that was in a bit of disrepair from an estate sale and asked if I could possibly paint it to look like her sweet dog.

Absolutely. Sounded like a fun challenge to me.

So, first I sanded it down getting rid of the layers of flaky paint. I cleaned it. And I primed it.
Then I began painting it using various snapshots she sent me from her phone for reference.

I love this particular photo.

Creating a three dimensional pet portrait was a unique challenge and one I enjoyed very much.

I am just about finished now and will put the final clear coats of polycrylic on the statue to protect it. Then she will just have to decide where to put it.

Hmm....I wonder if her dogs will think she brought home a new friend to play with when she sets it out, haha.
My little dog sure freaked out barking the first time he came around the corner and saw it. It was pretty hilarious.


Mary Tucker said...

Jackie, the dog statue looks marvelous! That's OUTSTANDING work there!!

Tiffany said...

You did an amazing job!!