Monday, June 1, 2009

Encaustic Painting

I spent my Saturday playing with hot wax!

I went to an "Encaustic Painting" workshop taught by an artist named DeannaWood. There were only 3 students in the class so we got a lot of individual attention and time to experiment with all of the really cool techniques and tools used in this unique painting medium. The idea is to be able to achieve layers upon layers of translucent colors and imagery. This is done by using hot melted beeswax as paint and tinting it with oil colours. You can achieve so many cool looking effects and it is really fun to do.

Uh oh, I'm afraid I have a shopping list for new art supplies now. :)

This was our teacher, Deanna packaging one of her artworks for shipment. You can see some of her other paintings on the wall in the background. Also notice the hotplates with containers of colored beeswax on the table.

This is one of the small pieces I made during the workshop. I incorporated a fashion illustration and some lettering and the number 5. It is titled "After Five" - for the fun, sassy outfits we ladies love to wear on those fun evenings out on the town.

This one is an experiment with carving into the wax. I got the idea from one of the other ladies who was there. It's symbolic of handwriting but without any real recognizable text. (in person the etched areas are the same yellow as the top part of the piece giving it nice contrast and unity.

Jeremy is holding up the last one. It was just an experiment with non-objective abstractions, using a lot of texture.
It was a fun class!
Maybe I'll make some more this summer.
Aaaaaaaah....... what a beautiful thought.

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Tiffany said...

This is so amazing!!! Would it work on glass??? Might make some beautiful daisy "stained glass" corners for my kitchen window!!!