Saturday, June 6, 2009

"In Their Shoes" Art Project

This post is about my final art project of the school year with my art students. They started out by each researching the works of famous artists throughout history (all different styles, etc.) in the computer lab. Once they chose an artist that they really liked they had to find out some important biography information and facts about them and fill out a research questionnaire. The next step was a little more fun, they got to choose any artwork created by their artist...... knowing that the goal would be to ultimately re-create that picture. We printed their selected images in color, got them laminated (so they wouldn't get all messed up by paint & water) and headed back to the art room.
Next, each student was responsible for bringing in an old shoe or pair of shoes to work with. Why? Well, because the cool part (and the difficult part) of this project was that they were not going to use a traditional canvas. We tied the project in with "Earth Week" and decided to use recycled materials (in this case old shoes) as our non-traditional canvas for the painting. Students were also encouraged to choose a type of shoe that fit the style of the artist or artwork if possible. In the following pictures you will see some of my students working on the projects in class and then a collection of some of the completed shoes.

Do you recognize any of the artworks or their artists?
(Don't feel bad if you don't - there is no Mona Lisa or Van Gogh Sunflowers in the list - some of the works are a little more obscure.)

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Tiffany said...

What an amazing and creative idea!! You have some VERY talented students!