Friday, June 19, 2009

Ridiculous Awesome Closet Renovation!

My closet is now officially one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Some of you have been asking to see the finished project so here it is from start to finish.

Side Note: I must admit this post is also a great excuse for me to brag on my amazingly talented husband again! :)

In this first picture, Jeremy had just ripped out all of the original shelving (one long shelf with a bar underneath that wrapped around the 3 sides of the closet) and he had begun installing the new stuff. I might ad that none of this was pre-made. Nope, Jeremy had to make everything himself to match the design I drew. It always amazes me how he can take one of my sketches and make it come to life the way he does.
You can see the beginnings of our built-in armoire in this picture.

We also upgraded on our closet lighting fixture. A little over the top, I know, but what can I say. I always wanted one and I LOVE my chandelier! Much better lighting too. ;)

Here is the finished product (just before all the clothes & shoes went in).

Carley loves coming in there now and playing dress-up in mommy's clothes since she can reach the ones on the bottom rack. It's ok though, I love playing dress-up in there now too.


Stacie said...

Your closet looks to be the same shape as ours. Wanna come for a visit and do my closet too? It looks amazing!

Tiffany said...

1. I LOVE that you put a chandelier in your closet!
2. It looks fantastic! Jeremy did an awesome job!
3. I love that you are so creative to redesign your closet!
4. I love how Jeremy can make your sketches come to life too.
5. I love that you and Jeremy make EACH OTHER full of love and life! I love you guys!

Andrea said...

Wow, Jackie! It looks so amazing!! You two should definitely feel very proud!