Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late Night Art Post

Here are a couple of silhouette style paintings I did on some of my homemade 16"x16" canvases with 2" edges. I started each one by creating a collage of papers chosen to compliment the chosen image, then a pencil sketch was made. Next I painted with black acrylic paint, then embellished and added glitter or other elements, and finally sealed the artwork with a clear gloss medium.

This first one is my interpretation of a beautiful (but blurry) snapshot taken as Jeremy and I were leaving our wedding reception almost nine years ago. Our friends and family had lined up on both sides of us blowing bubbles into the beautiful December night air and the lights from the reception hall were twinkling behind us..... here we go, together.

You may not be able to tell in this picture, but the tissue paper is crinkled and iridescent. I have added small amounts of very fine glitter, some in the background and on my dress.
This next one is more colorful with whimsical patterns and imagery in the torn, collaged papers. Carley was about six months old in this picture (taken at my sister's wedding) and I love the joy in our expressions, especially Carley with her mouth open wide just laughing.

I can create a special painting like these from your photos too.


Tiffany said...

I'll never ever get over how incredibly talented you are!! I love all your new ideas and how much your love for your family comes out in your art. =)

melissastumbo said...

Cool, I really like the one of you and Carley!