Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A "Re-Painting" for my Mom

So my mom and I were hanging out at her house one afternoon a couple of weeks ago.
Yes, I know, big surprise, right! Ha, ha! I can't help it, I love spending time with my mom!
And if you knew my mom you would want to hang out with her too, she's just that awesome.
Anyway, we started talking about a painting that she had above her fireplace. It was a piece of art that you might see in a waiting room somewhere. (lol) The previous owner left it behind, with some of the nice leather furniture that mom bought from them. And since it was already filling the space and the colors went with the decor.... well, it worked just fine.
However, mom had mentioned that it would be nice to maybe have one of my artworks instead, so........
I thought why not paint over it!
Here's how it turned out.
                   Before.....                                                                            ......and after!

I love you mom!
See the step-by-step in this tutorial.

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