Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kids Church Re-Design Part 1 - The "Before" Pictures

I am so excited to share this project with all of you!

Let's see, where to begin?

Ok, so a few weeks ago my sweet friend Jenna (our amazing children's minister) called me and asked if Jeremy and I would be interested in working with another insanely talented and creative couple in our church to do a little make-over in the children's building. You see, someone had made a donation to spruce the place up a bit and given this opportunity well, how could we possibly decline! We were super excited and we were going to pray over and stretch every penny as far as it would go as our imagination buckets were spilling over with ideas right from the start. It was time to create an exciting and inviting safe place (within the walls of this large stale gray portable bulding) for our kids to come and learn about the Word of God.

I cannot tell you what a thrilling challenge this project has been for us, and how blessed we feel to be a part of it.

Here are the "Before" photos of the children's building:

*P.S. Did I mention that our pastor told us when we joined the church last summer that there was another couple named Lori and Johnny that did all kinds of building and decorating projects and that someday we would wind up meeting them and when we did everybody better watch out cause there's no tellin' what kind of trouble the four of us would get into. LOL 
Boy was that ever true!!! What a fabulous new friendship has blossomed out of this endeavor.


So when you walk up the concrete steps outside and enter the double glass doors you are immediately in one enormous rectangular room. There used to be this curved metal and glass table that served as the "check-in and check-out" station.

To the left as you enter there is a storage area for extra tables and chairs hidden by an accordian style wall enclosure. Then a window beside the exit door that leads out toward the church office and main sanctuary.

In this picture you can see the two tiered black stage with a large projection screen flanked by four large speakers. There is a small closet in the corner and a makeshift counter that serves as the "sound booth" and video control area.

Here you can see straight into the room as if you just walked in the front doors. Beside the "sound booth" was a large fun paper tree that went all the way up onto the ceiling tiles. Next to that were a couple of "office style" fabric covered partitions that created a little "wall" so that class supplies could be hidden on shelves behind it in the recessed area next to the other little utility closet (that has a water heater I believe).

As you continue around the room there is another alcove area on the right side of that small water heater closet.
Past the tables on the far east wall are three doors. The first is the boys bathroom followed by the girls bathroom and then the janitorial closet.

The lovely banners and christmas lights were decorations from a recent banquet.

oops.....same pic again, sorry

continue on.....

Here you can see a little farther down that wall is a very large pass-thru style window between the kitchen area and this main room.

Finally on the end of that wall is the door to the kitchen.

Coming full circle you can see a wall section leading back to the main entrance where there are two windows that overlook the church playground area.

And now we are back to our entrance.

I hope you enjoyed the full circle view of how it used to be.

Just wait till you see what a transformation will take place in this space!

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