Friday, March 22, 2013

Kids Church Re-Design: The "After" Photos

I'm so excited to share some of these after photos with you all!
We still have a few projects to work on over the next few weeks as time allows, but it is already an awesome transformation! I will post more pictures of finished projects as they come along.

***We also plan to add a cool sign above the check in counter.

The walls from the new check in area allowed us to create a space to hang coats and bags, as well as papers for kids to take home. The coat hooks are adorable, colorful little puppy dog tails from Ikea. And there is a long wire with metal clips for the papers, also from Ikea.

Remember the really long wall on the east side of the room where there was an alcove on one end, bathrooms, janitorial closet, pass-thru window and kitchen entry......

I LOVE how the kids loved interacting with the room Sunday morning!!!

We also tackled the bathrooms and gave them a nice update. We still plan on adding some scripture wall art in each one, but for now you can see what a difference there already is.

We changed the bathroom countertops with a cool gray Rustoleum resurfacing paint! Very cool! Just make sure you have a good ventillator mask to wear cause the fumes are awful! lol
A large mural project:
So, there you have the re-design project as it is so far.
One thing you didn't see was that we also used some cool industrial pipe as a giant curtain rod and hung the same dark blue drapes that are on each side of the stage across the area in front of the pass-thru window that goes to the kitchen and it looks great too.
Still to come:
Entry: sign, doors, bulletin board
Green Wall: scripture mural
Turquoise Wall: some really amazing sculptures (it will be a surprise!)
Dark Blue Alcove: play area wall games
Tan wall across from Coat Hooks: cubby system for teacher use, art installation
Stay tuned for more updates! :-)


Anonymous said...

adorable! great use of space too!

Gexton said...

awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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