Friday, March 22, 2013

During the Renovations

Day one of the renovations walls started going up and major changes happened rather quickly.
We began our long process of staying up all hours of the night followed by coming back to work "later that morning". Days blurred into one another but our strength and energy were renewed each morning. There were no injuries or catastrophies during the week and our resources were multiplied and stretched over and over. It was a joy to be involved in all of it.
It was so cool to see God use the gifts and talents of all of these different people come together in this project.....things like electrical wiring, sound, computer technology, construction, budgeting, planning, organizing, design, painting, and so much more.

One night during the week our church invited anyone who wanted to be a part of the renovation to come up, grab a paint brush and join us. Childcare was offered and the turnout was incredible.
I love and appreciate each and every one of our amazing volunteers who came and worked so cheerfully alongside us that night and so many other times (day and night) through the entire week.
a community- a family- working together - loving others - following Jesus
Color really made the space come to life and toward the end of the week things were all coming together and we knew we would have something special to surprise the kids and the church with on Sunday morning.
......more pictures of finished projects to come in the next post. Yay!

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