Monday, November 11, 2013

Large Abstract Landscape Scripture Painting - Jeremiah 33:3

I recently shipped a very large scale commissioned artwork to a church in Louisiana. They wanted a special abstract landscape featuring the scripture, Jeremiah 33:3 for their new prayer room. It needed to be a substantial piece so we made it six feet wide by three feet tall with 1.5" thick finished sides. My husband does an amazing job building the sturdy hardboard canvases like this for me. I love creating thick layers of texture over the surface and then continuing with multiple translucent layers of paints and glazes and special textured media like the gold mica flakes I used in the land formations on either side of this composition.

It's such a blessing to get to do artworks like this. I pray my work inspires those who see it to contemplate the beauty and majesty and mystery of God's creation.

No artwork could ever compare to His glorious designs, but each time I get to create I feel such appreciation and awe for God's creativity.  I am flooded with thankfulness that I get to experience such joy in working with colors and textures and patterns and in the activity of transforming a thing from a blank surface to an intriguing image.

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