Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Update

After 8 years of living in this house I finally did it! I updated my kitchen cabinets!

I must say I was inspired by my friend and fellow artist, Sandy. She had been working on all kinds of remodeling and updating at her house and really made me start thinking about tackling this big project.

So..... there were a few days that we got some bad weather and we were "iced in" at our house. What better time to start a project?!

Here's a quick peek at what it used to look like and what it is now. (The light over the sink is also new in relation to the "before picture" and so are the under counter lights & upper counter lights that Jeremy installed)

It's so gorgeous, especially at night with the soft lighting.
I think we will add some knobs and pulls to the doors and drawers and put a finishing piece of moulding along the bottom of the upper cabinets this coming weekend.
Here is a couple of (slightly blurry, sorry) iphone pics from the "during update" phase:

You can really see the orange/gold hue the old cabinet color had in these pics.
This is during the painting phase, before the final glaze was put on:

Here's another finished pic with brighter lighting. The lighting always makes a difference on how colors show. During the day they are a lovely chocolate brown with a dark glaze and at night they look more like dark chocolate with an espresso glaze.
We are very pleased with the results, thankfully. (cause I'm not gonna lie, it was a long process)

My friend Sandy is also doing this to her kitchen but in a darker color. I'm hoping we can put her process pictures together and share a "DIY Tutorial on Cabinet Updating" for this blog sometime soon.
Just FYI. We both used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kit from the local home improvement store. (got mine from Lowe's)
A couple of things about it:
  • it is all water-based, so easy clean-up
  • NO SANDING or harsh chemicals! Yay!!!
  • there are 6 steps: clean, degloss, paint, paint again, *optional glaze, final clear coat
  • it comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes
Note: the toughest thing about it is you have to be patient and not try to rush it (allow for drying time between steps, don't try to put thick coats of paint on to finish faster, etc.)



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