Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Custom Storage Ottoman with Tray

Storage ottomans are the greatest!
Or is it just me that thinks so.
Well, either way..... They can be customized in so many different ways to make them both beautiful and multi-functional.

This is the Custom Storage Ottoman that Jeremy and I created for some clients/friends of ours over this past long weekend. Can I say "LOVE how it turned out!!!"  We have two small ottomans that we made years ago for our home..... which are fantastic; but I do love how this one can become a large table surface to play games on or have snacks during movie night, etc.

So, here are some of the specifics.

We started with the box which was 3'x3' square with 11" depth, constructed out of wood. (type of wood just depends on how you want to finish out the interior: stain, paint or unfinished).

The top actually has two pieces of wood. One that is 3'x3' which we attached 4" thick foam and batting to before upholstering. Then a second piece which was cut to fit the finished inside dimensions of the box after the batting and upholstery were put on.

*For this piece all of the wood was stained with Dark Walnut and then rubbed with Ebony before being waxed and buffed.

The round bun feet are also stained and waxed.

*Side Note: on our smaller ottomans we used recessed casters so that the ottomans can roll easily across the floor but the wheels don't show. This could also be done on the larger ottoman, but would probably need a fifth caster in the center of the ottoman for additional support.

If you are local to the North Dallas / McKinney area and are interested in a custom ottoman for your home please contact us for a quote.

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