Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Chicken Painting

Anybody out there like chickens?

I have a friend who adores them. She is pretty much one of those wonderful people who loves all of God's creatures though. Especially chickens and owls. Something about winged creatures maybe. Anyway, she is a really great friend and I love her to pieces. She is an incredible teacher and she has a gift for inspiring children of all ages. And I am grateful to have her in my life and my children's lives. 

So, I had been thinking I wanted to do something as a little surprise for her. And this is what came of such thoughts.

Here is my messy make shift work area at the kitchen table:

I used a mix of craft paints and thicker artist acrylic paints. The method of painting was wet on wet....allowing colors to blend in quick overlapping short brushstrokes. Small highlights and details were added in pure white at the end. And I painted the edges and blended into the painting from the sides with a mixture of black and brown acrylic paint. 
The final step will be to apply a clear satin varnish to protect the painting. 

here it is, a sweet little springtime chick

Happy random "appreciate your friends day" to my friend Jenna. 

Go call or text a friend and tell them you are glad they are in your life. 
Share a smile and brighten someone's day.
Create something for someone you care about and give it to them just because.
Hug the ones you love.
Appreciate this day and give thanks to God for He is worthy of our praise and thanks.

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