Monday, April 13, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Large mixed media artwork I did based on the mystery kit we had. This hung over the fireplace in the living room for our party.

My husband and I attended a fantastic Murder Mystery Dinner Party a couple of months ago and I thought it might be fun to share some photos and inspire you creative types out there to get together with some of your fun friends and family to share an exciting experience like the one we had.

The host and hostess were my lovely sister and brother-in-law. And it didn't hurt one bit that my sister is a culinary artist in the kitchen. We didn't just dine together. We feasted.

Now, there are a multitude of Murder Mystery Themed Dinner Party Kits available in stores and on-line. It has become quite popular in recent years apparently, so there are quite a variety of creative themes to choose from.

The one we had was set in a 1930's English mansion. Found here on Amazon along with several other options.

Each couple received an invitation several weeks in advance with a description of the character they would be playing and suggestions for costume attire.

Throughout the evening we would mingle, eat, and "play out" the scenes by reading and improvising with direction from our individual "scripts". We could ask questions and write down clues and information we gathered in little notebooks so at the end of the dinner we could all guess "who dun it".

Sources for decor & outfits: 
Thrift Store, Thrift Store, Thrift Store....
Party Store/Halloween costume store
grandma's closet
DIY simple sewing project for maid's cap and apron found pinterest
printed vintage black & white photographs to replace the ones in frames throughout the home for the evening
real (or fake dollar store flowers to make table arrangements)
lots of candles for atmosphere
old books and newspapers
chess board
fake pearl necklaces (from the kids dress up trunk)
large black & white feathers
lace doilies
old record player (that also played cd's to use for part of the party- music & introduction that set the stage for the evening)
white sheets to use as fabric tablecloth over long folding tables or dining table if large enough

Photo Op:
We also created a photo booth area using some sheer curtains hung across the wall as a backdrop. Our outfits were the main attraction so our only other props were a couple of chairs and a stool (could use some vintage furniture piece if one was available). Then we added in a fake gun, long stem rose, fake long cigarette holder (made very simply out of thinly rolled black and white paper), and some silly mustaches.

Each party guest received a souvenir CD about a week after the party with all of the photos from the dinner party.

The absolute best thing about the evening was enjoying the experience in the company of great friends and family.
And the laughter....there was a lot of laughter.
Totally. Not. Appropriate. ;-p


Tiffany said...

I LOVE it!! Chris and I want to write our own script for one of these! We want to do a Super Hero theme! So fun!! You look amazing.

Jackie said...

Thank you Tiffany! When you guys write the script let us know and we want to participate!!! How fun would that be to decorate and plan!