Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Date Night - Couples Painting Party

This is the example/demonstration painting I did for a recent couples painting party.
And here is a little something I wrote that goes along with what we created:

I love you
day and night,
night and day,
always and forever.

I love the home we share,
the life we've built,
the memories we've made together.

I prepared black canvases for each couple and lightly sketched the basic outlines of the artwork in white charcoal.

The couples had gone out to dinner and I got there a little early to set everything up. As soon as they arrived we got started. About half way through we took a break and the hostess had coffee and dessert for everyone. (Yep, they even shared with me. YUM!)

Thank you to these brave and fun-loving couples for inviting me to be a part of "date night"! 
You guys are awesome. ...except for....well, nevermind. Yep. You're all pretty good. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie! We had an awesome time and we love our paintings!

Jackie said...

Yay! I had a great time too! You guys were so much fun to work with! :)

Jackie said...
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