Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beijing Part 3 The International Children's Art Festival

The post we've all been waiting for is finally here!
After hours of going through photos, editing and making collages I think I finally have a good collection of images to make a well rounded "picture book" of this wonderful 5 day artistic event.

I wish I could have published so many more full size images but you would have been scrolling through it all forever!!!

The morning of opening ceremonies a group of artists were asked to do a live painting demonstration creating a banner of popular fairy tale characters from different countries.
Silvia, Lindsey, Jackie, Quinton

Some very talented local Chinese artists also created a couple of banner paintings depicting traditional landscapes.

It was almost overwhelming how many photographers and film crews were there!

Oh, and I'm so super excited to post this list of children's artworks that went with me to China!!!
Check them out. So proud of these kids. Some artworks were from friends and family and others from our local elementary schools and middle school. They were on display in a special gallery in the park where the Art Festival was held in combination with an International Reading & Book Festival. These artworks stayed in China with ICAF and will travel again in September/October to another Art Festival  in a different city in China to be on display once more before they return home to Texas.

Here are some photos of the gallery space:
Each day at the festival I taught three workshops and in the time between each workshop Jeremy and I could walk around and observe or take part in the multitude of interesting activities available. We also had time for a nice lunch break, resting in the shade under the trees or grabbing some ice cream treats (which are very popular in Beijing, yummy!)

Look at these adorable little ones getting creative.
Oh, I especially adore the little girl practicing her Chinese characters with the giant brush!
Here are some of my favorite people! The ICAF staff, volunteers, and awesome international artists at work. The friendships made on this trip are my most treasured thing of all. Love you guys!
Thank you Hattie, Sean, Sasha, and Grace and everyone!

Here are some photos from my Tie Dye T-Shirt making workshops. So FUN!

Here we are on our last morning all together at our hotel before walking to the festival with our superstar guide, Sean. 
Sean, Nina, Jackie, Quinton, Lindsey, Silvia, Martina 

A quick note my friends if you get to read this post:
Nina, my girls want you to come do glittery face and arm paintings for them someday.
And Quinton, they want to make elaborate princess hats with you...or maybe a princess dragon hat combination, lol.
Lindsey, my girls and all my nieces loved the bracelets I braided for them from your fabric scraps, thank you.
Silvia and Martina my girls and I LOVE the children's books we got from each of you and we are going to look online for more of your books for our collection. 
Hugs to each of you. Hope to see you at the next art festival. xo

And now,
a few more images for you from the festival park....

Yay! ICAF China!!! 
Been there. Done that. 
Looking forward to going back for the next one!

*P.S. thanks Lindsey for providing this super cool colorful installation art as background for my celebration pic! ;-) Wahoo!!

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Tiffany said...

I'm one of those weirdos in the front row of a crowd that is cheering its head off for you, screaming to the strangers around me, "I KNOW HER! She's my best friend!" Because I couldn't be more proud of you. You are amazing and talented and gifted and adventurous and DESERVING of all good things that come your way!!! Love you lots! Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!