Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Super Heroes at Work

Much progress has been made on the studio in the past few weeks. Most especially during Thanksgiving break.

Just so you know, this post is going to be one long string of photos followed by a special note of thanks.

here goes

we have electricity!
 interior door for bathroom & locks on all the doors

 Jeremy and I unloaded over 40 pieces of sheet rock. 
Have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with sheet rock yet...

Protecting my heating/AC unit with black trash bags so dust doesn't get 
in it before we even get to use it for the first time. 
 walls going up

 into some late night wall hanging

the boys discuss how they want to build the deck
 cousin Tyler helping unload supplies with little Z
 o.m.g. what a cute little helper Papa has!

 Carley pushing the wheel barrow and helping Papa.
 look how big this awesome deck is going to be!
way bigger than we originally planned. so cool.

 who reads the instructions before trying to put a scaffolding together... my husband, that's who
You go babe. You got this. 
(unlike your wife who probably would have just grabbed parts and tried to figure out how they fit)

 brothers discussing how it should be done

 Jeremy, Brent, Monte and Chris sure got a work out putting up the ceiling panels, wow!

 The scaffolding doesn't seem so high until you're up there stretching your arm out to get a spot that is just out of reach. Brenda, you are a pro.

 Look Carley, "X" marks the spot on the treasure hunt. 
Can you guess where it is now that the walls are all up?

 Wall mud. 
Oh how I loved you until you became a pain in my neck and an ache in my shoulders.
But you sure are making my walls nice and smooth.

Very BIG thanks to some real life super hero helpers who have been a part of our recent progress:

The electrician, Charlie, who fit us into his busy schedule, working on his day off with a couple of other guys to fix faulty electrical wiring, finish things that were left undone and make sure that the building is no longer a fire hazard.

Our friends Robbin and Velynda and their friend Bobby who shopped around helping us find the best possible deal on our heating and AC unit and then worked really hard to make sure it was properly installed and ready to use.

Brent, who showed up with a truck load of wood to surprise us and help build the framework of the deck around the studio! Used his day off from work to help hang sheet rock and stayed late to do as much as possible before getting on the road to head home and back to work.

Brenda and Monte who never fail to jump right in and help with whatever needs to be done. They started working alongside us the night they arrived and stayed till the last possible minute over Thanksgiving break working before having to head back home and to their own jobs.

Chris who sacrificed his day off to borrow a trailer to meet the guys at the home improvement store in order to carry all of the long pieces of wood back to our house and then stayed to work all day on the walls and ceiling of the studio.

And all of the other unnamed, equally important super heroes that have encouraged and supported and helped through each step of the way.

The difficulties we've encountered have served to make us more appreciative of each new accomplishment and every bit of progress. The people who have joined in fixing what was broken have done so much more than contribute to the mere completion of a building.

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