Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wood Pile Projects

Salvaging is such a rewarding process.

From the trash pile we created a beautiful counter top and a cool half-wall for the loft to hide the water heater.

Here is how we made this counter top:

First, I picked out several boards of the same thickness that were different widths and lengths, trying to choose the best looking pieces that weren't cracked or filled with too many nails.

Next, we took all of those boards and ripped the rough edges off of each side so they would fit flush next to each other for the counter.

After that it was like putting a puzzle together, cutting pieces and fitting them. Jeremy used a pocket hole jig to screw pieces together from the bottom side.
Then we filled every little crack, nail hole, knot hole, and imperfection with wood putty.

After it all dried, we began sanding.
Lots of sanding.
First 80 grit, then 100, then 220 until it was very soft and smooth

And finally I mixed a semi-transparent gray/brown paint glaze that I painted on and wiped off with a clean rag. I did this instead of stain because a stain would not have given the even coverage that I wanted due to the fact that we used different types of wood together and filled a lot of spaces with putty (which even if it is stainable, does not always stain the same as the wood it is used with).

Finally we attached it from underneath to the drawers and shelf unit against the wall to create two spacious artist work stations.

And the wall.....

We had planned to use sheet rock to create a half wall to hide this water heater but after doing other things with scrap wood Jeremy suggested that it would be cool to make it out of mix matched boards. I loved the idea!
 He put up a simple frame, also out of scrap boards.
Then he totally impressed me, as he always does, with measuring the angles and matching them up with the ceiling, and nailing it all into place.

 Simple concept and construction. Very impressive end result.

Oh, those boards you see painted black on the table there......those are for the next exciting project I will post about.

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