Sunday, May 15, 2016

Giving piles of fence pickets a new purpose

Thorougy enjoyed working all day Saturday with my best friend turning a trailer load of old fence pickets into a feature wall for the sanctuary of our church. 

Some super cool friends joined the construction fun with us and together we finished the whole wall in one day. 
It's all random, overlapping, mixed weathered wood....only thing we did was take nails out and cut to various lengths. 
Jenna and I rocked the nail guns! And as my friend Lynn mentioned....Jeremy, Josh and Ryan were pretty good MANual labor too, lol. 

And the kids thought it was a pretty great play date getting to run wild and play as loud as they wanted at church all day.

I absolutely love that all that wood was completely FREE and with just a bit of hard work and imagination it has transformed the stage area in our little church. 

I think we will do a few more projects like this!

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