Monday, June 13, 2016

Marbling Light Sensitive Photo Paper

I've done a few projects over the years using rubbing alcohol and markers (including the wildly fun and popular tie dyed t-shirts). So I decided to experiment again on some special event invitations.
Using some old photo paper (like really old....from when I developed film in a dark room in college. Back in the day as my kids would say, lol.)

I colored, well scribbled actually, with colorful permanent markers all over the photo paper. 
Then I immediately dipped a dropper into 90% isopropyl alcohol and dripped it on the photo paper blowing on it and letting it swirl the colors all over. 
Then I let it dry. 
First the background took on a blue hue. 
But by the next day it was a bit more vintage brown paper bag coloration. Not dark though, the colors are still vibrant as you can see. 
On some of the papers I splattered a little glitter white acrylic paint to give some extra texture. 

Then I cut each page in half on my cutting board. 

I printed a scripture word art that I made in Adobe Illustrator on transparency sheets using a regular printer. I cut those out to layer on top of the photo paper. 

I used a simple hole punch and various ribbons and jute to attach them together. 
 Then I made envelope pouches out of tracing paper to slip them into. *love my glue pen for this!
 I included a second piece of paper with the invitation details for the special event and hand delivered them. 

Have you used old photo paper in interesting ways to make a craft or artwork? I would love to see and hear about your projects. 

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