Monday, August 22, 2016

Is Summer 2016 Really Already Over!

This was the summer when I was finally able to open the doors of my Art Studio and teach classes, host parties, do workshops and camps. It was a summer of creative blessings and hopefully the beginning of many more such things.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You were part of making one of my long time dreams come true. I hope you will come back and make art with me again and invite your friends too!

Here are just a small few pictures that illustrate the fun we had: painting with acrylics, building stuff, drawing, making collages, doing printmaking, working with watercolors, creating assemblages, illustrating, sketching, using imagination, letting loose with abstraction, and letting our creative sides shine!

Fall Semester Classes will begin in September!

Yikes! That's coming up QUICK!

E-mail if you are interested in taking a class or if you have children who would like to learn more about painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, printmaking and more.

Keep up to date with what's happening in the studio on my facebook page:

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