Saturday, May 20, 2017

Parisian Carousel Painting with Gold Leaf

Over the past year I have incorporated gold leaf into several of my paintings. I'll share one of the more detailed projects with you today.

This painting was based on a photograph I took of the dazzling carousel in front of Hotel de Ville in Paris several years ago. For a long time it sat amongst the numerous canvases in my studio as a monochromatic underpainting, very plain and unassuming.

here is my photograph

and here is a photo of the painting in monochrome (top left side)  ....notice this was my studio at our old house before we moved out to the country and built the new studio, so it's been a little while, lol

When I got inspired and decided to pick the painting back up again I wanted to incorporate something unique. I chose the gold leaf that I had begun working with.
The metallic shimmer was what it had been meant to have all along!

As I continued painting, it really felt like it was missing an important I introduced the vibrant colors of the sky and stronger contrasts in the carousel colors to give it a bit more of the drama it deserved.

Here is a close up of the gold leaf as I was working with it on the canvas. 
The type I use is in delicate sheets sandwiched between tissue paper. I save the flakes that are removed after the initial layer is applied and I use them in areas where I want the gold leaf to have a bit more texture and crackling effect. No gold leaf wasted. :)

What kind of artwork would you be inclined to use gold leaf on?
Have you tried spicing up an old painting by introducing this medium?

If you would like me to create an artwork for you using this beautiful medium I would be delighted to hear from you.



Tiffany said...

It's so beautiful Jackie!

Jackie said...

Thank you Tiffany! :)